“A visionary is a leader of excellence who sees what others do not see, who achieves for now and plans for the future, who positively impacts different generations and raises up other visionaries.” – Onyi Anyado

To be considered by your peers as a thoughtful leader, you must work in the present, pull from past experiences, and seek out future successes that others overlook.

As a visionary, Miles DuPreé will be the first to remind you that not all forecasted opportunities will come to fruition and some may even fail miserably; this is just part of the risk. However, when your ideas come to life and are confirmed with success and the acceptance of peers – you’ve hit the jackpot!

Here is an instance when DuPreé and Ken Meares, CEO of Great HealthWorks, rolled the imaginary dice and won big, benefitting Great HealthWorks and the local community.

Five years ago, South Florida’s economy mirrored the uncertainty the rest of the country was facing. The unemployment rate was high, and the economy had abruptly come to a halt. Many businesses were forced to incorporate a hiring freeze or downsize through layoffs. It was a dire time for all.

Instead of focusing on eliminating positions, Great HealthWorks saw an opportunity that was overlooked by other companies. With the help of community leaders, Great HealthWorks applied for The Quick Response Training Grant, a Florida-based program set to assist businesses in need.

The state awarded Great HealthWorks the grant not once, but twice consecutively, and the company persevered.

This effort by DuPreé and Meares to find a monetary solution instead of restructuring paid off. Creating high-quality jobs for the community at a time when jobs were scarce, resulted in happy and empowered employees who gained transferable skills for future endeavors from their training.

Today, as the economy improves, Great HealthWorks continues as a successful enterprise. The company strives to support the local economy by delivering its core products to thousands of satisfied customers.

Great HealthWorks is also developing future products and services, which will inevitably result in vast growth and global expansion.