To express their admiration and support for Dorian Murray, Great HealthWorks shared photos of executives and employees united beneath a wall-sized #DStrong sign across its social media platforms.

A company based on health and wellness, Great HealthWorks touches thousands of lives with their dietary products and services on a daily basis.

This week, however, the roles reversed as Murray, 8, touched the lives of Great HealthWorks.

Murray, who grew up in Rhode Island, was diagnosed at the age of four with rhabdomyosarcoma— a rare form of cancer. After fighting the disease for four years, an alarming check-up in December led Murray’s parents to make the tough decision of discontinuing his treatment.

Shortly after, Murray told his parents his goal was to become famous on “the bridge [Great Wall] of China.”

While a trip to China would be a difficult task, Murray had a feeling he could achieve worldwide fame in no time.

“I’m just thinking before I go to heaven to try to be famous as much as I can,” he told his parents.

Murray’s goal to become a public figure took off like a wildfire on social media, garnering responses of acknowledgment and encouragement worldwide.

He also received posts from the Great Wall of China with signs reading: “You’re Famous in China #DStrong.”

In just about a week, Murray fulfilled his goal of becoming famous by leaving an impression of admiration on the world. #DStrong.