OmegaXL® is now available through Zee TV

In October 2015, Great HealthWorks successfully launched its OmegaXL® media campaign on Zee TV. Through this campaign Great HealthWorks is able to share the benefits of OmegaXL with millions of Zee TV viewers. Zee TV is the pioneer of the television entertainment industry in India. Its innovative programming connects with over 670 million viewers across 168 countries.


Great HealthWorks is serious in its efforts to expand OmegaXL® distribution into international markets so all cultures have the opportunity to experience the benefits of one of the most potent, all-natural joint pain relief products – OmegaXL®. Miles DuPreé, Great HealthWorks’ COO, said, Pain and inflammation has no bounds on who it affects. As a company built on diversity we are exploring opportunities to help as many people worldwide as possible.”



OmegaXL® is a powerful, safe and easy to swallow, omega-3 joint health supplement formulated with a proprietary complex of 30 healthy fatty acids, including DHA and EPA that have been demonstrated in over 30 years of clinical research to relieve joint pain due to inflammation and inflammatory conditions. OmegaXL®, with its unique lipid extract, PCSO-524®, is derived from green lipped mussels (Perna canaliculus), a species that is grown and harvested only in the pristine waters of New Zealand, recognized as the cleanest waters on Earth. OmegaXL® is marketed exclusively by Great HealthWorks, Inc.



Great HealthWorks is dedicated to distributing quality health and wellness products and innovative services directly to consumers. Founded in 2003 by Ken Meares, CEO and Miles DuPreé, COO, the company continues to focus on providing products that improve customers’ lives. Over the past decade, the company has evolved into a vertically integrated direct-to-consumer powerhouse offering contract services and unique products with an “all-under-one-roof” approach.


Great HealthWorks is a universal launching pad for new products in the Direct Response World. Its flagship products consistently rank in the top 5 IMS rated shows allowing the company to take a product from inception to delivery through Distribution, Call Center Staffing, Production, Virtual Training and Media Buying services. Great HealthWorks is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The promise is in our name because Great Health Works!


OmegaXL® has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. OmegaXL® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  




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