Every great visionary needs a meticulous partner able to execute intricate and innovative concepts. Miles DuPreé has been that person for the successful and forward-thinking company, Great HealthWorks.  Under his direction as COO, Great HealthWorks has grown globally as a dominant player in the direct-response marketing and health/wellness industries.

Celebrities such as Larry King, Blair Underwood and Tony Dovolani, cannot stop praising the effectiveness and power of OmegaXL—the world’s largest direct to consumer dietary supplement sold by Great HealthWorks.

With over 60,000 bottles shipped weekly, there is no doubt as to why the company has thrived in just 13 years.

Today, Great HealthWorks is the only direct-response company in the United States that boasts of having a completely vertically integrated sales platform, which means process control of all functions.

The platform has its own production studios, media purchasing and management, customer service, product fulfillment, call center services, e-learning and training services, as well as its own health and beauty product development team.

With over 450 employees and thousands of associates working from home, it requires skill and precision process for it all to work together effectively.  Miles has enforced a stringent process program which tracks all aspects on a daily basis, making the platform operate effectively and seamlessly.

Prior to Great HealthWorks, Mr. DuPreé spent over a decade directing the technology initiatives for System One, a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental Airlines.  Mr. DuPreé left Continental Airlines (System One) and formed Pro Logic Computer systems— where his company developed some of the very first travel internet booking engines.  Pro Logic provided software solutions for the who’s who in the travel industry.

Under his direction, Pro Logic was selected by American Express Travel to head up an ambitious global travel software initiative.  The goal was to collapse all of American Express’s global travel systems into a single system.  Pro Logic beat out Ernst Young for this 5 year 50 million dollar project.  Under Miles direction Pro Logic completed this project which resulted in the world’s largest travel accounting system.  This system was responsible for processing 175,000 airline tickets daily, which represented annual sales of over 25 Billion dollars.

Miles also created one of the first successful travel network marketing companies called DoitallTravel.  DoitallTravel experienced tremendous challenges as a result of 9/11, after which Miles decided to close DoitallTravel and sell Pro Logic computer System.

Intrigued with what Ken Meares had discovered, Mr. DuPreé turned his attention to the health and beauty industries, and in 2003, along with Great HealthWorks CEO Ken Meares, launched Great HealthWorks, Inc.


Shaping Great HealthWorks, One Employee at a Time

Every company has a culture and a personality unique to itself. The culture is created from shared values and beliefs that have developed through the life of the company and its milestones. Whether it’s written or simply understood, the culture defines the attitude, guidelines, and behavior of the owners and employees as a whole.

Great HealthWorks is proud of the strong culture it fosters and is devoted to preserving and evolving it on a daily basis. One way the company does this is by positioning the right management team to make decisions aligned with the company’s values. The executives also meet […]

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The Influence of a Mentor

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward

Miles DuPreé is an established COO with strong roots in technology. His career path has led him to Great HealthWorks, which is one of the fastest growing companies in South Florida. This is no accident.

He, along with CEO Ken Meares, founded Great HealthWorks with the insight of making technology a part of the company’s vision. This commitment has transformed a superior health and wellness, direct- response company into the current powerhouse that it is today. Offering contract services and unique products […]

December 18th, 2015|Categories: Articles|
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Omega XL is a powerful omega-3 joint health supplement formulated with a patented complex of 30 healthy free fatty acids, including DHA and EPA, that have been demonstrated in over 30 years of clinical research to relieve joint pain due to inflammation.

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OMAPREM is backed by more than 25 years of clinical research supporting the effectiveness of OMAPREM as an All Natural Anti-Inflammatory that provides relief from Pain and Discomfort while promoting Heart, Joint and Brain Health.

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