Every company has a culture and a personality unique to itself. The culture is created from shared values and beliefs that have developed through the life of the company and its milestones. Whether it’s written or simply understood, the culture defines the attitude, guidelines, and behavior of the owners and employees as a whole.

Great HealthWorks is proud of the strong culture it fosters and is devoted to preserving and evolving it on a daily basis. One way the company does this is by positioning the right management team to make decisions aligned with the company’s values. The executives also meet with prospective employees during their interview process to ensure they are the right fit for the Great HealthWorks family. Moreover, the employees also do their part to shape the culture by collectively embracing the values and practices through their actions and commitment to customers, management, and each other.

COO Miles DuPreé, one of the company’s co-founders and mastermind behind the Great HealthWorks founding principles, opened up about what makes, in his opinion, an ideal Great HealthWorks employee.

GHW: What are some of the principles that Great HealthWorks is founded upon and how do they shape our culture?

Miles DuPreé: Great HealthWorks was founded on the belief that all people who are talented, honest, and hardworking have a place in the Great HealthWorks family, regardless of gender, race, or otherwise. This attitude benefits our culture greatly because it shifts the focus off preconceptions and onto the talent and hard work of each individual. [We] empower them to do their best.

GHW: Does that mean that Great HealthWorks is a big “melting pot” where everyone agrees with each other on the best ways to move forward with company decisions?

Miles DuPreé: Absolutely not! That would hinder the growth of the company. We encourage our employees to speak up if they see something that can be improved or streamlined. Our company meetings are a platform for discussions and debates, not a place to receive orders. In my experience, I’ve learned that conflict, in many cases, breeds the best results.

GHW: What is the best advice that you can give your employees to nurture the company culture?

Miles DuPreé: My advice is simple: Stay humble. [Also] be willing to learn, adapt, take constructive criticism when given, and most importantly, be kind to others.