“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward

Miles DuPreé is an established COO with strong roots in technology. His career path has led him to Great HealthWorks, which is one of the fastest growing companies in South Florida. This is no accident.

He, along with CEO Ken Meares, founded Great HealthWorks with the insight of making technology a part of the company’s vision. This commitment has transformed a superior health and wellness, direct- response company into the current powerhouse that it is today. Offering contract services and unique products with an “all-under-one-roof” approach distinguishes Great HealthWorks from all other companies.

Mr. DuPreé shed light on his early career, valuable advice to business professionals, and his role model “Peter Kavanaugh,” who inspired him to be the person he is today.

DuPreé was a hardworking college student at Contra Costa College studying Computer Science when the Crown-Zellerbach Corporation in San Francisco, Calif., selected him for an internship.

At the time, Crown-Zellerbach was one of the largest paper companies in the world, with a broad and diversified product line including pulp, paper, logs, lumber, plywood, and containers. DuPreé was selected to intern in the Technology Department. He was a computer operator and worked on the team that managed some of the first peer-to-peer communication links in the United States. This technology helped streamline the company’s manufacturing process by leaps and bounds.

The internship set DuPreé to work on the Director of Telecommunication, Peter Kavanaugh’s team. After working closely and observing DuPreé’s progress, Kavanaugh saw promise and determination in his intern and took him under his wing. Kavanaugh’s mentoring style was different than most but effective as it was always a hands-on approach. Instead of demonstrating how to correctly do something he provided the tools and allowed DuPreé to figure things out on his own.

“Peter let me break things and make mistakes,” DuPreé recalls. “This is the best teaching tool all-the-way-around.”

After DuPreé completed his internship, Kavanaugh offered him a full scholarship to Golden Gate University for Computer Science.

DuPreé continued his education at Golden Gate University, and Kavanaugh left the company and continued his career at Apple Inc. He and DuPreé have kept in contact for years, as he still mentors DuPreé and is also his confidant.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

Mr. DuPreé has relied on Kavanaugh’s advice often throughout his career. He quickly established himself as a pioneer in the technology arena and climbed the corporate ladder as a decision maker for well-known companies such as System One— a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental Airlines. DuPreé later left to form Pro Logic Computer systems years after and created some of the very first Internet travel booking systems.

Using the valuable lessons and examples that he has learned from his mentor and now as a professional and mentor himself, DuPreé passes on to others the knowledge he has gained from his experience. For DuPreé, a mentee needs to possess “integrity.”

DuPreé’s protégés have become higher ups, industry influencers, and some are now vice presidents in the technology field confirming that a good mentor, like DuPreé can have a lasting impact.